Welcome to Balesin Island Homeowners Association, Inc.

Legend has it that Balesin Island was once the lair of notorius 16th century private named Ezekiel whose many forages yielded enormous treaseures from the galleon ships. Islanders like to believe that much of Ezekiel's bounty is still stashed away somewhere in the deep recesses of the island.


But wether the legend is true or not is of no consequence. For Balesin Island, all 424 hectares of it, is a treasure in itself. Like a giant emerald in a turquoise sea, with the resplendent sun bathing everything in gold.


Balesin is a mere 25-minute plane ride from Manila. It is located east of Mauban, Quezon beside Polillo Islands and nestles at the gate of Lamon Bay, one of the richest, undisturbed fishing grounds in the Pacific. A true island paradise.